We have the expertise and experience to help companies to develop and implement KM strategy. We will work with companies to identify their core and non-core activities and value adding and non-value adding activities. Knowledge value chain analysis will be used to analyze and establish the importance of the different activities in delivering their final product/service. We will help companies to harness their tacit knowledge in addition to explicit knowledge to achieve competitive advantage.

We aim to create value for our clients in three domains:

  • Strategic domain – complete knowledge-based roadmap comprised of KM enablers and processes to support your company’s business strategy
  • Managerial domain – methodologies for knowledge creation and knowledge assessment to incorporate into your management decisions
  • Operational domain – processes for the creation, development, protection and application of knowledge to supplement the value of your business operation

When do you need our help?

  • Planning to start up a new knowledge-based company (e.g. high technology companies)
  • Trying to grow your knowledge-based enterprise
  • Considering investing in a knowledge-based company
  • Developing strategic alliances
  • Licensing IP/technologies

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