Consultancy & Management Services:

Knowledge and Innovation Management

Knowledge Creation
Intellectual capital policy and strategies
  • Identification, design, implementation and assessment of
processes for knowledge generation

Knowledge Codification
• Invention disclosure and evaluation process
• IP protection strategy

Knowledge Transfer
• Licensing strategy and agreement development
• Knowledge asset management

Knowledge Application
• Technology commercialization
• Start-up business planning
• Business case development

Technology Transfer Support 
• Technology due diligence
• Technology valuation
• Licensing negotiation

Strategic Alliance and Collaboration
• Open Innovation
• Industry – University partnership

Training Workshops on:

Knowledge Management & Technology Transfer
  • IP management and protection strategies
• Technology licensing and negotiation
• Technology valuation
• Competitive intelligence

Engagement Fees

We offer flexible fee Structures:

• Hourly rate
• Daily rate
• Per project fee
• Monthly retainer
• Based on performance

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